Psychiatric Treatment

  • Diagnostic Evaluation: 

In order to provide you with comprehensive medical care, it may be necessary for you to complete additional examinations above and beyond my psychiatric treatment. 

This may include referrals to doctors from other medical specialities and/or a clinical psychologist. Depending on the underlying problem, I may also suggest other medical tests (Blood tests, CAT scan, MRI scan, EEG, ECG). 

  • Family Counseling: 

If requested and necessary, family sessions with counseling may be included in the therapeutic process. 




  • Sometimes, it may be necessary to include the use of medication in the treatment process. Current research shows that for many psychiatric disorders the combinations of psychotherapy and medication are most effective. Decisions on the use of medication are shared decisions, and are made only after assessing the advantages and disadvantages of possible treatments and possible side effects.


  • The effectiveness and tolerability of a given medication will be reviewed and assessed on a regular basis.