Dr. Johann Steidl 

Consultant Psychiatrist






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Here you can learn more about me and the services I can offer. 

As a psychiatrist, it is first and foremost important to me to practice medicine in an open, respectful and emphatic manner. 

My approach incorporates state of the art psychiatric care, based on current evidence-based medicine and psychotherapy. 

My international medical training and work experience have exposed me to the health care systems of several countries and have given me the opportunity to treat patients from a wide range of cultures and social backgrounds. These experiences have led me to the conclusion that respect, empathy and professionalism are the cornerstones of a good doctor-patient relationship. 

I grew up in a bilingual family (English/German) and completed my secondary school education in Canada. As part of my medical training I worked as a doctor in the United Kingdom between 2006 and 2008. Thus, I am able to offer you psychiatric services and psychotherapy as a native English speaker. 

My goal is to provide you with effective treatment and care either for ongoing mental health issues or during times of crisis. Gaining a better understanding of your emotional or psychological issues within the context of your life history and current life situation will allow us to reach this goal. I would like to guide and accompany you in this process to help you regain your quality of life by using my specialist training and work experience.