Private Practice / Fees 

As a doctor in private practice I do not have a contract with public health insurance companies. 

However, you have the option of submitting your bills to your insurance company and having part of the fees reimbursed. The extent of reimbursement depends on your insurance company and the provided treatment. Usually, you will be reimbursed 80% of the fee, which a doctor working with the public health insurance companies (Krankenkasse) would have received for the same service. 

Your advantages:  

  • Free choice of doctor  
  • Flexible appointments  
  • No time pressure – I am able to dedicate the necessary time in order to offer you comprehensive treatment  
  • Full confidentiality – your treatment is kept completely private to third parties 

I accept payment in cash or bank transfer and ask you for full payment at the end of each visit. 


After an initial assessment, we will work together to determine the optimal length and frequency of future treatment sessions. Both will depend on the underlying problem and your goals for treatment. 

If you ever need to cancel an appointment, I ask you to do so with 48 hours (2 working days) notice. This way, I don’t have to charge you for the missed appointment and I can offer the appointment to another waiting patient. 

In order to reduce waiting times, appointments are arranged flexibly. Please contact me directly via phone or e-mail in order to arrange an appointment. 


Tel.: 0650/438 22 72